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Title/Part/Director (Production Company)

School of Rock/Drummer, Mr Hamilton, Policeman/Laurence Connor (RUG)
The Producers/Max Bialystock/Tara Wilkinson (Selladoor/Nederlander)
Avenue Q/Brian/Cressida Carré (Selladoor)
Jack and the Beanstalk/Fleshcreep/Steve Boden (Imagine Theatre)
The Road to Qatar/Mansour/Kate Golledge (Aria Entertainment)
The Man Who Had All The Luck/Dan Dibble and Augie Belfast/David Hutchinson (Selladoor/Mull Theatre)
The Wonderful World of Mr E/Whittle/Dani Parr (Dizzy O’Dare)
The American Clock/Quinn, Taylor, Dr Rosman/Phil Willmott (Steam Industry)
Dicken: About/Charles/Mike Imerson (Dizzy O’Dare)
Double Falsehood/Lopez/Phil Willmott (Mokitagrit)
The 52 Show/Various/Nicola Samer (Bronowski Productions)
Les Miserables (NZ)/Bamatabois/Terri De’Ath (Hawkins Theatre)
My Fair Lady/Ensemble/Nikoli Foster (Bronowski Productions)
Ready, Steady, Sing!/Man 1/Kate Golledge (Larger Than Life Productions)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Bottom/Niall Costigan (Deptford Theatre)
Grease/Sonny/Mykal Rand (EC1 International)
7 Stories/Leonard, Michael, Al/Jamie Lloyd (Lloyd Dane Partnership)
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!/Man 2/Natalie Anderson (NSTC)



Title/Part/Director (Production Company)


Delicacy (Short)/Jonathan/Jason Mann (Columbia Uni Pictures)

Hermitage (1 & 2)/Henchman, Prisoner, Guard/Dave Walters (Broadcast Media)

Amazing Extraordinary Friends/Jester’s Henchman/Various (Greenstone Pictures)

Suicide Squad (Short)/Bob/Matt Priestley (Casper)

Death Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Short)/James/Steve Lennon (Beyond the Hedge)

Fool’s Errand (Short)/Ben (Lead)/Dave Strange (Praha Productions)


Title/Part/Director (Production Company)


Trainline (UK)/Dragged Man/Si & Ad (The Academy)

McVities (UK)/Office Guy/Simon Levene (Publicis)

Pizza Hut (NZ)/Norm (Lead)/Chris Dudman (Robber’s Dog)

My Sky HDI (NZ)/Ant 2 (Lead)/Adam Stevens (Robber’s Dog)

Export Gold (NZ)/Dave (Lead)/Josh Fizzell (Curious Films)

Big M Edge (AUS)/Office Guy (lead)/Mark Molloy (Exit Films)

Pink Batts (NZ)/Pink Man (Lead)/Adam Stevens (Robber’s Dog)




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As well as being highly skilled in improvisation, Richard is a competent High Baritone, has a full driving license and enjoys playing Rugby, Football and Badminton.